Vincente D’Ingianni – Head Coach

He didn’t compete in the Olympics and he didn’t win the UFC.  He doesn’t have “Chi”, “The Force”, or any other BS magical powers.  Moreover, he really hates martial arts shows and movies, except for Cobra Kai, because it truly highlights how silly martial arts can be. If you understand that, you will love The Judokai.

Vincente D’Ingianni began training “old school” Kawaishi Judo / JiuJitsu in New Orleans in 1977 as kid under “The Coach” Jacques Legrand.  During the 1980s he was a competitive wrestler, powerlifter, and bodybuilder. Vincente returned to Judo during college in the late 80s.  In 1990, he was a founding member, competitor, and coach at the Nortel Judokai in Richardson, Texas.

Today, Vincente is a Godan, 5th Degree Black Belt, and the Head Coach of The Judokai ( in Dallas, Texas where he teaches Judo / JiuJitsu / Wrestling “the way it ought to be”.

More importantly, he is just like you.  He has just been doing this crazy stuff for a very long time.  When he is not spending his evenings on the mat pretending to be Batman, he spends his time cloistered in his man cave pretending to be Bruce Wayne working in real estate, high-tech and the cyber security industry.

For an overview of Vincente’s philosophy and approach to Judo and Martial Arts, please read “The Need for Alternative Competition Styles” and “You are not a Professor“. Better yet, just give him a call.

Vincente D’Ingianni has Judo/JiuJItsu credentials recognized in all major United States yudanshakais.  He is a Life Member of the United States Judo Association (USJA) and Judo Black Belt Association (JBBA) and is recognized as a National Rank Examiner.  In addition, he serves as Director of Marketing for the International Freestyle Judo Alliance (IFJA) and the Dallas regional director for AAU Judo.