Freestyle Judo – The way Judo ought to be

Freestyle Judo – The way Judo ought to be

There is only one Judo, and that is the Kodokan Judo of Jigoro Kano. Judo is more than simply a sporting event; rather, it is a complete martial art that has adapted over the years to various fighting styles and techniques. Kodokan Judo includes techniques from wrestling, sambo, and of course modern jujitsu. However, over the past two decades many of these fighting styles were discouraged, and eventually penalized, in tournament Judo for reasons cited as “better television viewing”. Unfortunately, the resulting rule changes resembled Greco-Roman wrestling in a kimono, all the while professional Mixed Martial Arts grappling gained in television popularity.

Freestyle Judo brings back the Golden Age of Judo competition by embracing the fighting styles of wrestling, sambo, and modern jujitsu. Competitors who specialize in standing techniques can throw for ippon. Wrestlers who prefer lower body attacks can shoot for the legs. Grapplers who specialize in submissions have the time and flexibility to fight on the ground. All of these styles are good Judo.

Freestyle Judo encourages participation from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestlers, and Mixed Martial Arts enthusiasts by providing an open-ended competition format.

Freestyle Judo is endorsed by Dr. AnnMaria De Mars, international Judo champion, and mother of Ronda Rousey, UFC Champion and 2008 Olympic Judo Bronze Medalist, as the “Ultimate Judo Style for MMA”.

For more information on Freestyle Judo, visit and follow the International Freestyle Judo Alliance on Facebook.

Freestyle Judo – There’s an App for that

Finally, a timing and scorekeeping app for “Judo, the way it ought to be.”

The Freestyle Judo iOS App provides a complete scorboard and interval timer solution for Judo/Jiu-Jitsu matches according to International Freestyle Judo Alliance (IFJA) rules.

The Freestyle Judo App is designed to be open-ended with the minimalist in mind–just like the Freestyle Judo competition format. Swipe the timer up or down to adjust the match length or scoreboard. Use the context-sensitive buttons to start and stop the Osaekomi timer, award points or signal Ippon.

Use the interval timer for high intensity randori workouts. Use the iOS Music App to select a playlist, then turn on the Background Music mode in the Freestyle Judo app to spice up your training.

Use AirPlay and an Apple TV to mirror your display on a large screen monitor for a complete scoreboard solution.

A complete Freestyle Judo Rules manual is included for reference by Judoka, Coaches, and Referees. When the match is stopped, touch the Freestyle Judo logo for the latest information and videos at

So grab Freestyle Judo from the App Store for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and don’t be afraid to grab legs in Judo anymore. The Freestyle Judo app is the official iOS app for the IFJA.