Sometimes you need to bend over backwards in order to succeed.

The Judokai embraces the synergy of Wrestling, Judo, and modern Jiu-Jitsu. If you have arms, legs, and a head, then grappling is grappling. The coaches at the Judokai are experienced wrestlers who enjoy grappling under all rule sets.

Everyone starts from zero.  But serious varsity wrestlers from major metropolitan areas will often have more sanctioned competition experience by the end of high school than most martial artists have in an entire career.  Serious middle school wrestling competitors can get 100 matches.  Consider this in contrast to many martial arts black belts, and even many instructors, who can count true tournament experience on only two hands.  In other words, your wrestling experience counts and your grappling career does not have to end.



Whether you call it a “Double-Leg Takedown” or a “Morote Gari”, we empower participants from all grappling arts by building off of your existing experience to get you rolling on the mat immediately. We provide an open-ended practice and competition format so wrestlers and grappling enthusiasts can use a full range of techniques while enhancing their arsenol with powerful throws and submissions.

Are you a high school or college wrestler approaching the end of your amateur career?  Your career does not have to end when you graduate.

Come join our “Wrestling Takedown Federation” at The Judokai and continue your grappling career.

We believe wrestlers are the worlds best conditioned athletes. Moreover, we adopted the philosopy of Judo and Wrestling pioneer Mel Bruno, “Teach them Judo, but train them like Wrestlers”.