Fight Club

at The Judokai

Fight Club at The Judokai is a quarterly event open to grapplers of all styles, skill levels, and age groups for competition together in a safe and instructive format.

Fight Club events at The Judokai utilize the official IFJA / AAU Freestyle Judo ruleset to encourage participation from Judoka, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestlers, and grapplers of all styles.  Both Gi and No-Gi matches are held according to participation.  Judoka can throw.  Wrestlers can grab the legs.  Jiu-Jitsu players can take the fight to the ground.


Fight Club #6  -  TBD

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9:30 AM - Check-in Begins
10:00 AM - Clinic Begins
11:30 AM - Competition Begins

The Judokai
Fretz Park Recreation Center
6950 Belt Line Road
Dallas, TX  75254

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         Tournament & Clinic $45

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Fight Club does not award medals or trophies. If you want a medal or trophy, go and buy one. Better yet, enter one of the many USA Judo/IJF or IBJJF tournaments where everyone is broken up into weight classes, skill levels, and small divisions to ensure nobody's feelings are hurt. "Suck it up, Buttercup."

No Bull-Shidos in this event.  Our referees will not let you win by forcing the other player to get a penalty.  This tournament is for people who want to truly see how many matches they can win and survive.  Win, loose, or draw, all competitors walk away proudly knowing that they truly put their skills to the test.  

Outstanding performances are given appropriate recognition at the end of the tournament.  Batsugan promotions may occur.

Competitors are grouped according to gender and age levels.  Groups are sorted by weight in an open Kachinuki / Kohaku Shiai format.  White belts fight black belts too. No BYEs. All matches are 3:00 minutes. Beginners and kids are encouraged to participate.  The Judokai emphasizes providing safe competitive opportunity.  The competitors attempt to fight and win as many matches as possible.

Fight Club is UNFAIR.  Are you tough enough for an UNFAIR tournament?


Fight Club Events

Each Fight Club event is preceded by a Freestyle Judo Rules Clinic to familiarize competitors with the contest format and safety precautions.

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Previous Events Theme       Outstanding Performances
Fight Club 0.1 04.18.2015  "proto"   Jerrod Brasseaux - 3 wins  
Fight Club 0.2 08.08.2015  "The Prequel"   Jerrod Brasseaux - 2 wins
Fight Club #1 01.07.2016 "Nothing to lose"   Jerrod Brasseaux - 9 wins Kirt Brasseaux - 6 wins Drew Foote - 5 wins
Fight Club #2 01.21.2017  "You are not a special"   Jerrod Brasseaux - 11 wins Clint Moon - 4 wins Brandon Loper - 4 wins
Fight Club #3 04.29.2017 "I am Jack's
complete lack of surprise"
  Jerrod Brasseaux - 13 wins Caleb Holzapfel - 4 wins  
Fight Club #4 08.28.2017  "To make soap, first we render fat."   Tyler Keyworth - 6 wins Clint Moon - 5 wins  
Fight Club #5 11.18.2017 "The Unapologetic Invitation"         
  Upcoming Events      
Fight Club #6 2018 TBD        



AAU JUDO MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED IN ADVANCE AND MUST BE PURCHASED ONLINE to participate in these events.  Visit  Adult memberships are only $29/year.  Youth memberships are only $16/year.  Upcoming Fight Club events will be designated as AAU Judo regional championships.  Stay tuned to this page for more information.


Our referees suck.  Yes, we said that.  They are usually old broken-down black belts who have been thrown or submitted a few times too many.  They are all blind.  Do not complain or make fun of them, they are volunteers.  The referee's job in to make sure everyone is safe and that the correct person wins.  Don't whine.  Don't cry.

If you are lucky, you might survive long enough to be one too.


Fight Club Rules

1st RULE: You do not talk about Fight Club.
2nd RULE: You DO NOT TALK about Fight Club.
3rd RULE: If someone says "matte", "soremade", "maita", "stop", "I give up", goes limp, or taps out the fight is over.
4th RULE: Only two competitors to a fight -- no matter what the skill level.
5th RULE: One fight at a time, in accordance with official IFJA / AAU Freestyle Judo rules.
6th RULE: No shirts (for the men).  No shoes.  But an AAU Judo membership is required.
7th RULE: Fights will go on as long as they have to, or until we run out of time.
8th RULE: If this is your first time at Fight Club, YOU HAVE TO FIGHT.

The Judokai believes in strong traditional fundamentals, but a modern safe interpretation of competition rules where there is no differentiation between Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Sambo, Pankration, etc. Certain training methods, names, and contest rules might vary by style and ethnic origins; Japanese, European, Brazilian, etc. However, good technique is good technique no matter what the origin.

That's the way it ought to be 
The Judokai Warriors 


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