Showing your "Bah Jay Jay"

Showing your "Bah Jay Jay"

The “No Bull Shido” Martial Arts Club

If you found this article on the The Judokai website, you might be noticing a certain vibe going on here.  We are proud to have developed a culture within our yudanshakai of No Bull Shido.

We don’t claim to be the toughest.  We don’t claim to be the best.  We do claim to have a special irreverence for the typical martial arts BS.

Showing your "Bah Jay Jay"
Showing your “Bah Jay Jay”

Every once in a while we get a “tourist” from another martial arts club who is on a mission to check us out.  They will either show up just to watch and comment, or ask to “roll” with us for a little bit.  Some people call them Stormers.  We refer to these people as “Kool-Aid Drinkers“.  Usually, they read some of the postings on this web site or our Facebook Page and noticed our irreverence.  Maybe they were offended.  Maybe, it hurt their feelings.  Sorry, not sorry.

This is our message to all of the “tourists” out there.  Hopefully, this will save you some time.

  • If your current style, school, gym, or dojo is the best, then you don’t need The Judokai.
  • If you believe the International Judo Federation (IJF) is the supreme authority of Judo, then you don’t need The Judokai.
  • If you believe the Gracies are the supreme authority of JiuJitsu, then you don’t need The Judokai.
  • If your style of training is so dangerous that you cannot practice it for sport, then you don’t need The Judokai.
  • If you will only spar (randori) in a choreographed way for maximum use of “Chi” / “Ki”, then you don’t need The Judokai.
  • If you are uncomfortable getting up-close and personal with hot sweaty people, then you don’t need The Judokai.
  • If you do not want to learn to fall, then you don’t need The Judokai.
  • If you do not like to take turns and train in a mutually beneficial way, then you don’t need The Judokai.
  • If you only want to train with or without a Gi because you do not believe one or the other is realistic, then you don’t need The Judokai.
  • If you only want to practice certain specific techniques because most other techniques are irrelevant for you, then you don’t need The Judokai.
  • If you are looking for a place where you can amaze everyone by teaching your super-secret submission techniques, then you don’t need The Judokai.
  • If you just need a break from your kid(s) a few times a week so you can go shopping, keep looking…

We are not a babysitting service for uninterested or misbehaving kids.

  • If your child has a self-esteem problem and absolutely must have a martial arts belt, give me $1000 and I will tie a colored belt on your child in front of the class.

Good Luck in High School.

  • If your previous instructor did not give you a promotion and you are looking for someone who will promote you, keep looking….

Promotions are earned by dedicated members and affiliates of The Judokai.

Seriously, we have plenty of solid Black Belts and experienced competitors.  Some have won national titles.  All of them pay club dues.
You are not special.

  • If you think our prices are too expensive, then you don’t value The Judokai.
  • If you can only train with us “every once in a while” because you feel the strong need to train at another club/dojo, then you really don’t value The Judokai.

See previous statement.

 and finally,

  • If you want to demonstrate how tough you are and how many people you can make tap-out, we have tournaments for that.

Stormers are INVITED to join us at Fight Club.

The Judokai welcomes beginners and experienced grapplers from all backgrounds and skill levels.  We are like-minded individuals who train for fun, fitness, education, and occasional spirited competition.

If you want to become a Judokai Warrior and train JudoJiu-Jitsu, and Wrestling – the way it ought to be, then PLEASE JOIN US at The Judokai.