No Anti-Bullying

Just say "No" to Anti-Bullying


Just say “No” to Anti-Bullying

No Anti-Bullying
Just say “No” to Anti-Bullying

Is your precious little buttercup being bullied at school?

Vincente gets a black eye
The school bully got the best of me.

No, we are not going to try to sell you on an Anti-Bullying program for your child.  Yes, you read it correctly.

Many Martial Arts schools try to suck you in with special programs and sessions for kids specifically to build self-confidence, discipline and character.  They offer special self-defense seminars to protect yourself and loved-ones from known and unknown assailants.  We will not scare you into living in a constant state of heightened awareness.

In the immortal words of Tyler Durden, “You are not special. You’re not a beautiful and unique snowflake.”  

No, we are absolutely not going to do anything special to address these issues.  Growing up and growing old is tough for everyone.

Our members develop these skills naturally as they train and interact with other well-rounded, socially-adjusted members.


However, we are very proud of our character building program.

Over the years, The Judokai has developed some very strong characters such as King of the Hill, Supergirl, Prince of Cats, Rajin’ Cajun, The Professor, The Iron Maiden, The Dynamic Duo, Coach Bastard, and Charizard.


So, come be a character atThe Judokai.

– The Judokai Warriors